Goldstar Air - Wings of Ghana

Goldstar Air is a wholly owned Ghanaian Airline based in Kumasi and Accra, Ghana which is ambitious of providing scheduled and non-scheduled passenger air service initially to North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

We have chosen Baltimore - Washington International Airport, Providence International Airport, USA, London - UK, Rome – Italy, Hamburg – Germany, Madrid – Spain, Milan – Italy, Dusseldorf – Germany, Dubai - UAE, Guangzhou – China, Toronto - Canada and most of the West African countries as major originating cities for our operations. Direct non-stop services will be deployed where necessary.

The operational size of the Five-year study period makes up the development and profit-making phase of Goldstar Air. Our operations for the five years will make up for both the development and the diverse routes, after which other destinations will follow the prima five years.

There is a significant market to support these flight operations in early years to achieve maximum efficiency in production. These flight operations make excellent returns and have high potentiality prospects for many years to come for commercial aviation and tourism industry of the economy.

Baltimore – Washington has been selected as an originating airport from Accra, Ghana in view of the fact that, it is a practical and viable alternative to the existing business operations of other airlines which operates from New York, Washington and continental airlines, which operates from Europe. These airlines usually offer connecting services to Accra from other cities in the United States. Furthermore, Baltimore has excellent road/rail connections which would make it convenient for potential clients from other states in the U.S. who are relatively close to Washington Metropolitan Area, to avail themselves of our services.

London - UK's selection offers a viable alternative and direct flights from Kumasi and Accra International Airports, the operations of other airlines that do transit (tending to up to 1 or 2 flights changes with an overall travel time between 8 and 12 hours) resulting in loss of significant holiday time.

Rome, Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Dusseldorf as well as London has been selected as originating airports from Kumasi International Airport, Ghana and will be the only airline flying direct from our second Hub to European destinations.

Dubai's selection as an originating airport from Accra is based on holidays and business considerations. The overall travel time will be significant for both tourists and business passengers.

Providence International Airport – Rhode Island as an originating airport from Accra, Ghana in view of the fact that, it is a practical and viable alternative to the existing business operations of other airlines which operates from New York. Rhode Island which has a lot of West African Immigrants, has excellent road/rail connections, which will make it convenient for potential clients from other states like Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.

Toronto Pearson International Airport as an originating airport from Accra, Ghana will be the first direct scheduled flights from West Africa, and it is based on transit and travel considerations. Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and the fourth-most populous city in North America, and it is recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Similar to Toronto, Guangzhou’s selection as an originating airport from Accra, Ghana will be the first direct scheduled flights from West Africa, and it is also based on transit and travel considerations. In some instances, the overall travel time can be between 24 to 30 hours, leading to a loss of 2 days of holiday/business time.

West African cities were selected because they offer viable options for African travelers who sometimes must transit in so many countries or sometimes in Europe before they get to their destinations.

One of the major objectives of our business operations is to attract more visitors to Ghana. In order to achieve this, we will be offering 10 hours non-stop flights to Baltimore – Washington, Providence – Rhode Island, Toronto - Canada, 6½ hours non-stop flights to London and other European destinations, 7½ hours non-stop flights to Dubai, 14 hours non-stop flights to Guangzhou and non-stop flights to some West Africa destinations. This significant reduction in travel time, combined with trademark superior on/off-board services as well as competitive pricing, will form the cornerstone of Goldstar Air’s operations and thereby make us a high-ranking preferred choice.

Over the past few years, most West African air travel organizers and tour operators have been unable to sustain profitable long-term operations; This has been largely due to under-capitalization, mismanagement, lack of proper cash and operational controls.

Overall, the travel demands in West Africa greatly exceed their capacity. As presented in the IATA report in 2023, “Africa airlines’ traffic climbed 9.8% in May, the African carriers are benefitting from a sustained increase in trade through developing links to Asia and the Middle East, as well as from strong Gross Domestic Product growth in local economies, particularly in West Africa. Capacity rose 7.4% in May, raising load factor from 1.4 percentage points to 66.2%”.

Goldstar Air's business OPERATIONS is to inject a rapid growth to the West African tourism market which is currently under-serviced. As a Ghanaian registered Company, we plan to utilize the country’s status as the “Gateway to West Africa” to develop the West Africa market by introducing scheduled flights from all the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) countries through Kumasi and Accra (Hubs) to North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

West Africa, despite its forty-plus airports and over three hundred million people in fifteen countries, lacks a strong airline and has no airport hub; therefore Goldstar Air wants to be a strong carrier initially in West Africa and later in the whole of Africa, as we look forward to the approval of leasing the Accra Kotoka International Airport terminal two building to build new passenger boarding bridges, duty free shops, spas, gyms, saloons, offices and beautiful convenient, customer-centric experience for our departing and arrival passengers, and breaking new grounds for job opportunities for the youth in aviation.

Management of Goldstar Air is projecting a fleet of more than one hundred (100) modern aircraft to a network of more than ninety (90) key business and leisure destinations, as the airline wants to be recognized among the best one hundred (100) companies in Africa. The airline is also negotiating codeshare agreements with other airlines, which will allow us to offer a more extensive route network and give our customers more options of traveling from all fifty (50) states in the United States of America and other continents to and from Africa. Goldstar Air believes that this type of agreement will benefit our partners by increasing brand awareness and market knowledge about Africa and other continents, facilitating trade and investment, and encouraging economic growth on our continents. Ghana as the host country for the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), therefore our operations from Ghana will create a continent-wide market embracing fifty-four (54) countries with 1.3 billion people and a combined GDP of $3.4 trillion.

Operationally, our marketing strategy will be based on the characteristics of the low-cost carrier’s packages and tour operations methodology which has to date have been successful in North America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Although periodically there are isolated disturbances in some neighboring West African countries, Ghana offers a stable political and economic environment. From an investment perspective therefore, Ghana offers potential investors a low-risk and attractive value preposition.

Goldstar Air has procured the services of top management personnel who have many years of experience in Management, Technical, Marketing, Customer Service and Aviation Regulatory Affairs.

The stated goal of the Goldstar Air management team is to provide an amazing customer experience through the provision of the best service at reasonable cost for our passengers and other clients. The airline will help improve the Ghanaian economy and lives of Ghanaians through the provision of affordable and available international travel and provide job opportunities and aviation related training to Ghanaians especially the youth.

Goldstar Air is due to construct a 250 x 250 x 75 hanger at the Tamale International Airport to cater for the maintenance, repairs and refurbishment of aircraft and the facility will be named after the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharabutu. The airline is also due to commerce the Goldstar City Project in the northern capital soon which will encapsulate, accommodation, training school for its engineers, pilots, cabin crew and other staff of the airline. The project is envisaged to create some jobs for the people of Tamale and its environs and will open business opportunities for the Northern sector of the country. Goldstar Air will adopt also Tamale International Airport as its third Hub and market it to the international community as well as exporting labour through agency on call, charter and aircraft leasing."

Goldstar Air will initially be creating a minimum of five thousand direct and indirect jobs in Ghana. Some of the jobs which the youth will benefit are Pilots, Ground Service Crew, Service person in maintenance, Cabin crew, Counter Agents, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Country Managers, Stations Managers, Accountants, flight dispatchers, Drivers, Marketing Personnel, Cleaners, IT Managers, Air Marshalls, Cargo Agents, Catering Services, Hotel Accommodations, Fuel Suppliers etc.

In the United States of America, our airline has been offered two years free landing, parking, advert and office space by Mr. Pimental, Assistant Vice President Air service Development at Providence International Airport and Mr. Storck, Director Air Service Department and Strategic Analysis at Baltimore Washington International Airport.

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority unleashes incentive packages to provide Goldstar Air with marketing funds to support awareness campaigns for the airline, which will be adding new capacity to Toronto. These include print media, digital/social media, terminal advertising, travel/trade, and inaugural event activities, among other promotional activities. We will work closely with national, provincial, and city tourism organizations to promote these new air services in Toronto.

In Scotland, which will be our future destination, our airline has been offered one-year free landing, parking and office space by Mr. Paul White, Business Development Manager and Mr. Robert Love, Aero Commercial Analyst at Glasgow International Airport.