Tour Packages - Discover Ghana with a Local Host

Ghana, with a growing population of over 25 million people, has become West Africa’s tourist hub for vacation takers around the world. With a huge variety of places to explore, friendly locals, and few tourists, Ghana is the true West Africa gem.

It hasn’t yet been touched by mass tourism, but this small West African country has beautiful beaches, lively cities and an amazing culture. As a tourist, Ghana is a country that you should consider for your next travel destination.

“Akwaaba”, meaning welcome, is an expression you will hear all the time in Ghana. Ghanaians are very friendly and warm people who will welcome you into their country with open arms. It is common to exchange phone numbers after a first meeting and you can expect a message or call later just to ask you how you’re doing. You’re sure to make tons of new friends. And people will always be happy with you. The locals are always happy when a foreigner is able to learn a few words in Twi, a widely spoken dialect Aside from being hospitable, Ghanaians are very respectful. As a tourist or foreigner, you will mostly be treated with the utmost respect by the locals.

Goldstar Air has a variety of tour packages that will open tourists or visitors to the tourism and business opportunities in Ghana. We look forward to serve you with the best tourism experience that will last you forever. Please take a moment to view some of the tourist sites in Ghana and design your itinerary.

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