Our Services

Goldstar Air - Flying The Spirit of Ghana.

A feat chalked up by Goldstar Air as most promising airline is refreshing and unique that management will ensure on time departures and unique services. We offer services with a smile, assist and advice our passengers in a professional manner on ground and on board.

Goldstar Air will bring more benefits to travelers in terms of services and fares. The airline has therefore made adequate provisions to cater for passengers by introducing Ghanaian dishes and local movies as a way of showcasing the Ghanaian culture to the rest of the world. Goldstar Air cabin crew will be selling made in Ghana goods and promoting Ghana tourist sites on board, as we would like our passengers to have a smile when leaving our offices and our aircrafts.

You can sign up for our Frequent Flyer miles on our "Chalewote" card which worth more per mile when you fly on Goldstar Air long haul flights and business class seats. Goldstar Air will like to move together with our cherish passengers that is why the Frequent Flyer card is named "Chalewote" which in the Ghanaian local dialect means "Lets Go Together".

All Travelers can check in for their flight from 24 hours to 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Goldstar Air offers you numerous check-in options to choose from. Save time by checking in online or on your mobile phone or simply visit the airport. Goldstar Air continually endeavors to better its services, both on the ground and in the air. Our crew pays close attention to all needs and make sure that safety standard and comfort are enforced as a priority to ensure a worry-free journey.

Our in-flight meals are designed keeping in mind the varied guests we cater for. Goldstar Air is one such example that showcases how important we think it is, to put a smile on the faces of our young guests. Our aim is to provide a complete flying comfort. These meals vary widely in quality and quantity across different airline companies and classes of travel. They range from a simple beverage in short-haul economy class to a seven-course gourmet meal in long-haul first class. When ticket prices were regulated in the American domestic market, food was the primary means airlines differentiated themselves.

Goldstar Air provides a total of sixty nine (69) kilograms per passenger, three-piece baggage allowance with a hand luggage not exceeding ten kilograms to ensure that our passengers are able to transport sufficient luggage for their personal use. This is one example that showcases how important we think it is, to put a smile on the faces of our guests.