Travel Tips

The travel tips are designed to help you make the most of your time and money while traveling. GoldStar Air travel tips provide you with inside information on everything from getting the best seat to successfully playing the upgrade game.

In order to keep up with the ever-changing air travel environment we will continue to offer you new travel tips to keep the skies "friendly". Check back often for new travel tips as they become available.

To the seasoned and occasional traveler alike, getting the best value in an airfare is the elusive dream that is difficult to consistently achieve. Learning to save money on airfare and thus reducing the cost of your airline ticket each and every time you fly takes a bit of patience and a lot of know-how.

Whether for business or fun - can take a lot out of you, so you have to be at your best when seeing new places and experiencing different cultures. Follow a few easy tips to stay well as you take your travels around the world.

Drink Up Make sure to stay hydrated while you are traveling. Dehydration makes you more prone to viruses, and can make jet lag symptoms worse.

Keep Your Meds Close The chances of your bags getting lost are slim, but to be on the safe side, keep a supply of enough medication to last you the duration of your trip with you. That way, you won’t miss key dosages of antibiotics or your daily prescription, if something were to happen to your luggage.

Stay Moving When you are on long flights, it’s important to get up and move, stretch and walk the aisle to avoid blood clotting and joint pain.

Take Those Vitamins To keep your body in tip-top shape, take vitamins as you prepare for any adventure.

Commit to Your Daily Routine If you’re used to exercising, eating breakfast or going to bed early, make sure to continue to do these things while on your trip. Sticking to your routine will help your body have one less thing to work against.

Scrub Up Keep antibacterial hand sanitizer with you at all times. As long as it is less than three ounces, you’ll be able to take it on board your flight to ward off germs that can be found on your seat or other places along your trip. And take advantage of every instance you have to wash your hands so that you aren’t bringing germs back as souvenirs.

Jet Lag Jet lag is disorienting, and it can falsely mirror the feeling of being sick. To stay well and rested while you travel across time zones.

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